1. Introduction to 9Apps APK Store

Unlike many Android applications, 9Apps APK is not available to download on Google Play Store. Users can download 9Apps APK from 9Apps or Uptodown. The majority of users choose 9Apps instead of Google Play because it offers extraordinary services that Google Play cannot provide, for example, users can download VidMate on 9Apps, but they can not make it on Google Play. Next, let's move to the next section to deeply figure out what is 9Apps APK Store.

1.1 What is 9Apps APK Store?

9Apps APK Store is a wonderful platform to provide professional service for Android users to download various APKs for general use, games, or massive wallpapers, ringtones. It is first released in December 2013. Since then, 9Apps APK Store has gained a lot of popularity around the globe, especially countries in Southeast Asia like India and Indonesia.

It aims to offer completely free APKs to all Android users. Therefore, one of the most amazing features of 9Apps APK Store is that it offers abundant free APKs which are classified into paid APK category on Google Play Store. Moreover, some APKs like Snaptube, VidMate which cannot be download on Google Play Store, are also accessible to download.

What's more, to facilitate the process of searching needed APK, 9Apps APK Store has classified all APKs into specific categories, for instance, photography, news, business, education, entertainment, music&videos, shopping, games, communication, sports, parenting, lifestyle, weather, food, health, beauty, finance and so on.

Just one application, 9Apps APK Store, you can get anything you need. No penny is needed. Then, all APK is free to download.

Significant Events of 9Apps APK Store
In December 2012, 9Apps/9Game starts putting into operation.
In September 2013, 9apps.com is officially launched.
In March 2014, the mobile client of 9Apps is released.
In June 2014, 9Apps has set up its office in India and released the Indonesian and Russian versions.
In January 2015, 9Apps' daily APK circulation has broken the barrier of 10 million.
In December 2015, 9Apps has become the biggest third-party APK Store in India and Indonesia.
In February 2016, more than 1 million followers have gained on Facebook.
In March 2016, more than 2 billion active users achieved on 9Apps.

9Apps APK Download


1.2 Overview on 9Apps APK

Name 9Apps
Type APK Store
Initial Released in December 2013
File Size 3.8MB
Latest Version v3.3.2.0
Updated on July 10, 2018
Downloads More than 48 millions
Rate 4.8/5.0
Price Free
Operating System Android
Requirement Android 4.0 or later

1.3 Screenshots about 9Apps APK

With a glimpse of 9Apps APK, you might have a general idea of it. 9Apps APK as one of the most popular Android Apps Stores, is considered as the competitor of Google Play. It's young, but it's not easy to beat.

2. 9Apps APK For Android
As one of the most popular APK Stores on Android devices, 9Apps allows users to easily download any Android apps for free with fast speed. Although users can not download 9Apps on Google Play Store directly, it's not difficult to obtain it, fortunately. What's more, it also contains plentiful amazing features that worth mentioning.

2.1 Features
9Apps is a platform where Android users can explore and download useful APKs. Its various features might be key to attract more and more users.

#Wide Range of Library
According to 9Apps, more than 10 million contents and APKs can be found on 9Apps APK Store. 9Apps APK has categorized the APKs into several classifications, for example, Games section is containing Racing, Action, Sports, Casual, Casino, Strategy and Simulation; Apps section is containing Tools, Photography, Communication, Music-Audio, Personalization, Shopping, Lifestyle, Productivity, Education, Books-Reference, News-Magazines, Travel-Local and Health-Fitness. Therefore, users can easily explore and access the newest or the most popular apps and games on 9Apps APK Store.

What's more, some apps which have been deleted from the other app stores like Google Play, are possible to be accessible on 9Apps. Moreover, 9Apps also allows you to get premium apps for free. It's very unbelievable, but it's true. Although 9Apps is partnering with Amazon and Uber, 9Apps also provides you with free coupons and discount vouchers which can cut your final order to half.

Additionally, 9Apps also gives users a platform to download videos, stickers, wallpapers, ringtones, etc. You can get anything all in one place, 9Apps APK Store.

#Personalized Settings
In order to improve users' experience in 9Apps, all settings can be customized according to your preference. For downloading settings, if you want to delete APK file after installation, you just need to simply disable the related option. Also, if you are tired of manually installing downloaded APK, you can enable the "Auto install" option. Then, the downloaded APK will be automatically installed when the download is completed.

What's more, in Settings, you can change the Theme color of the interface. Red, blue, and green are provided. Of course, you can also set the used language.

#Small Size
By the comparison of Google Play, 9Apps APK is extremely smaller and lighter in size. It's just only 3.6 MB files. Moreover, when the installation is finished, the package of 9Apps APK will be automatically deleted. However, the entire installation package of Google Play will be kept on the phone.

#Frequent Update
Most people love to use 9Apps APK Store because it always tries to make itself better and better. Except for its self-update, 9Apps offers app updates 3 or 4 days earlier than that on Google Play.

#Smooth UI Design
One of the most popular features on 9Apps APK definitely is its smooth UI design. When you launch the 9Apps, graphical style design can easily capture your eyes on the applications. Moreover, the concise interface has highlighted the information so that users are able to catch and discover wonderful apps and games more easily.

Moreover, 9Apps simply divides itself into five layouts - HOME, APPS, GAMES, E-LIFE, TOOLS. On GAMES and APPS, users can access top and new apps or games on the upper navigation bar. Also, users can move to CATEGORY tab to explore and discover amazing Android apps with ease. Its user-friendly user interface design has the ability to improve customers' satisfaction.

#Massive Android Games
Nowadays, more and more people would like to use a smartphone rather than a desktop computer because a smartphone is convenient and portable. As an all-rounded APK Store, 9Apps holds massive games.
9Apps aims to offers users a platform to download a large number of games, even some games that are unavailable in Google Play. Games are classified into different categories like Racing, Action, Sports, Casual, Casino, Strategy and Simulation. What's more, each category also has various subcategories for users to explore.


Top Games 9Apps


2.2 What's New on 9Apps APK
The latest version of 9Apps APK is version, released on June 13, 2018. One of the reasons why people choose to use 9Apps APK rather than Google Play Store is that 9Apps timely upgrade itself in order to reduce the data usage of the APK and improve the overall experience of users.

Compared with the old version of 9Apps, the layout of the latest 9Apps is quite different. There are five tabs - HOME, GAMES, APPS, E-LIFE, TOOLS. Moreover, the upper navigation bar in HOME tab has added Video section, TOP GAMES section, and DATA BACK section to replace GAMES, FUNNY LIFE, and COUPON sections.

According to the official page, there is something new on 9Apps APK.
  • Pick for you a personalized feed of new apps and games.
  • Lock screen notice recommends the best apps for you.
  • Bug fixes. 
With the latest version of 9Apps APK, there is no doubt that you can get the best APK with the fastest way. Of course, if your Android OS does not reach the requirement, you can get 9Apps download 2017 APK which requires Android 2.3.3 +, or 9Apps download 2016 APK which requires Android 2.1+.

2.3 How to Download and Install 9Apps APK For Android Phones/Tablets
9Apps specializes in offering massive and 100% free Android apps for users on various categories. According to its official website, over 20,000,000 apps and games are downloaded for each day on 9Apps APK. With 9Apps APK, users can access more Android Applications, for example, download WhatsApp on 9Apps, or even download VidMate, Snaptube on 9Apps.

Luckily, to download 9Apps APK, just very simple steps are needed. Next, please follow the step-by-step tutorial to download and install 9Apps APK on your Android phones or tablets.
STEP 1. Download 9Apps APK file.

STEP 2. Go to the location of the downloaded 9Apps APK.
STEP 3. Tap it to continue installing 9Apps APK.
STEP 4. Follow the instruction to install 9Apps on your Android phones or tablets.
If there is no installing page popping up, you should enable "Unknown Sources" option firstly to permit 9Apps APK to be installed on your device. Android considers that APK which is out of Google Play will bring risk to the phone.
  • Navigate to "Settings".
  • Scroll down and tap "Security".
  • Enable "Unknown Sources" option.
  • Then, go on installing 9Apps APK.
Install 9Apps

After that, you can launch 9Apps, then, browse and download your favorite APKs.


2.4 How to Download APK for Android on 9Apps APK Store

9Apps APK has divided its interface into five tabs - HOME, GAMES, APPS, E-LIFE, TOOL. Users can simply access any tab to find any needed APK according to the preference. Or you are able to directly type the APK name on the search bar to access it. After downloading 9Apps on your mobile device, now you can launch it and freely get your desired items.

If you want to download specific APK, you can directly type the APK name on the search bar.
Then, relevant APKs will be listed on the interface.
Choose the suitable one, and tap the "Download" button right next to the logo.

Search APK on 9Apps

If you don't know the name of the APK, you are also able to find it from the category. 9Apps has classified all APKs into specific categories, for example, photography, tools, entertainment, social, music and video, communication. Select the right category on 9Apps and find APKs that best fit your needs.

APKs Categories on 9Apps

What's more, 9Apps offers the Top Recommended APKs for each category. If you want to download any kind of APK on 9Apps, you can easily explore the most suitable one from it. Simply tap the "Download" button, then it will lie to your Android phone or tablet.

Top Apps and Games on 9Apps

Besides, when a download operation begins, there is a progress bar on 9Apps to show the current download progress. Tap the down arrow icon to go to Download Manager, you can check how far has the download progressed.

Download Manager


2.5 How to Update 9Apps APK
If there is an update for 9Apps, a pop-up notification of update will be shown on the interface when you launch the app.
Or you can manually check for updates.
  • Tap the avatar on the upper left corner to activate the sidebar.
  • Choose "Check for update" option.
  • Then, 9Apps will automatically detect the new version.
  • If a pop-up window with a message, saying that "It's time to upgraded", tap "OK" to download the latest 9Apps APK.
Check for Update on 9Apps

3. 9Apps APK For Windows/Mac

9Apps APK Store is an alternative to Google Play. People prefer to use 9Apps APK Store rather than Google Play Store because you can find and download paid APKs for free on 9Apps. What's more, there is no account needed to log in.

At the same time, many users would like to also download 9Apps APK on Windows/Mac. Fortunately, 9Apps APK is also free to download Windows and Mac. However, in order to make sure 9Apps is running successfully, you should download a simulator, serving as the Android window. Then, you can freely enjoy the wonderful services from 9Apps as well.

After installing the simulator on your Windows/Mac, you can follow the similar operations on section 2.3 to download 9Apps APK.

Download 9Apps APK for Android

4. FAQs on 9Apps APK

4.1 Is 9Apps APK free to use?

Yes. It's free to download 9Apps APK for Android. What's more, lots of paid APKs on Google Play are also free to download on 9Apps. If you want to download 9Apps APK, you can move to the official website to get it.

4.2 Is 9Apps APK safe?

Of course, yes. 9Apps is a 100% safe APK store like Google Play to download any android apps or games. Moreover, it's absolutely free from malware and viruses. 9Apps APK Store is very safe and easy to install in your Android phone or tablet. If you meet any problem you can not solve, please contact us.

4.3 Is 9Apps available for PC?

Yes, 9Apps is also available for PC users, but it's not workable on iOS devices. Moreover, you might need to download an extra application to serve as an analog Android window. Or you can download APK, then, transfer it into your Android device.

4.4 I cannot download 9Apps on my Android phone. How to solve it?

First of all, you should make sure your Android OS is 4.0 or later. 9Apps is not compatible with the older version. If your Android OS is 4.0+, please check for network connection or contact us on Twitter or Facebook.

4.5 Can it available on iPhone/iPad?

Unfortunately, 9Apps APK is not accessible on iPhone/iPad currently. 9Apps APK supports free and best Android applications to be downloaded by users without any limitation.

4.6 Why is 9Apps APK not available on Google Play Store?

As we know, 9Apps is an alternative APK store of Google Play Store, so they are competitors to each other. It seems that it's not suitable to offer a platform to users to access the product from the competitor.

4.7 What can I find on 9Apps APK?

9Apps offers abundant Android apps for users to download. Additionally, it also provides numerous games, stickers and wallpapers, ringtones, themes, and videos.

4.8 How to clear cache on 9Apps?
If 9Apps is running slowly, you might need to clear cache on 9Apps APK.
  • Tap the avatar on the upper left corner to activate the sidebar.
  • Choose "Clear cache" option.
  • Tap "OK" on the pop-up window.
  • Then, a message "Cache clearing successfully" will show up.
9Apps Header

5. More APKs

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We have to say that almost all Android users have downloaded any Android app on Google Play Store before. As the go-to place for Android users, Google Play offers a large number of 100% safe APKs to users either free of charge or at a cost. Since it was launch in 2012, Google Play has featured over 3.5 million Android applications, and gained users from over 145 countries.
APKMirror Logo


With APKMirror, you can find all Android apps on Google Play. Moreover, APKPure offers the old version of an APK to users to download so that if you have trouble with the latest one, you still can download the older version of an APK which is suitable to your Android device. What's more, some APKs which are out of your region are also allowed to download on APKMirror.

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Aptoide is one of the biggest Android App Stores around the world. Unlike many APK Stores, it is like an independent Android App Store, allowing users to upload their own APK so as to set up and manage their own APK Store. Moreover, users can share their favorite apps on social community. In this way, it's easy to discover more amazing APKs.

Uptodown Logo


When talk about downloading Android APK, the first thing will come to mind might be, Uptodown. There is no doubt that Uptodown is one of the most popular APK stores for Android users all over the world. It's completely secure and free to use. If you need to download any APK on Android device, you can't miss Uptodown.
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Unlike other Android app stores, APKPure is an online APK Store, offering one of the most comprehensive collections of Apps, Games. They have guaranteed to provide a safer, better and faster software download experience for users all over the world. Although it's an online APK store, there is no extra extension needed. If you want to download any APK on APKPure, directly go to it and click the download button.

There is no doubt that 9Apps is a versatile APK store for Android users. To download various apps or games, attractive wallpapers, or even funny ringtones, users are able to make it within one application - 9Apps. Moreover, it contains many features, for example, its smooth and clear UI design; easy and simple operation to download Android APK; abundant Android APK collection; regular updates.

Download the official 9Apps here to enjoy the faster and better APK store experience on Android phones or tablets.

6. User Reviews

"I choose 9Apps because I found some free apps that are paid on play store and also some games. I can download any apps very quickly with no error. And the app is more good than a website. I prefer using the app service because the app is much faster than the website."-- Nityamsingh, India
"This app is one of the most useful apps I have ever seen. I can't find Vidmate on Google Play, but I can download and install it on 9Apps with ease. It's so amazing. Everyone should use 9Apps on their Android devices to get useful APK." -- Anup Sarkar, India
"My most lovely app is 9apps. In this app, we can always alert and obtain more knowledge and also download our favourite games, videos and etc. Thank you so much for that."-- Thakor Nilesh, India